Solar Control Window Films

Engineered for Performance

UltraGard Glass Coating Solutions represent some of the highest performing
films in the world, designed and developed by Australians for the harsh Australian
UltraGard Window Films increase safety by holding shattered glass in place and
protecting you, your passengers and your property from flying glass and debris.
UltraGard is coated with a durable adhesive and scratch resistant finish that provides
easy care and maintenance with long lasting protection.

  • Films all reject in excess of 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • SIGNAL FRIENDLY – Will not interfere with any of the electronic signals used extensively throughout modern motor vehicles
  • A range of stylish deep tones to best suit the aesthetics of any vehicle
  • Durable scratch resistant coatings that will protect and enhance the films surface to maintain optimal clarity
  • UPF50+ (ARPANSA) protection rating Solar Control Window Films

Three premium options designed to suit a range of solar performance requirements:

carbonite-link oxide-link fusion-link